Paracetamol and its Properties

This medication is one of the most widely spread and popular drugs all over the world. The main proof is that it may be bought without a doctor’s prescription in any pharmacy online as well as in ordinary drugstore. Even in places where it is a very serious question, Paracetamol is freely sold and more than that without any limitations. This, on one hand, says about effectiveness of the medication and on the other hand, about its safety.

Thousands of pharmaceutical companies in many countries produce Paracetamol under hundreds various names and in many different forms. It is not difficult to prove this fact – a short review of online pharmacies will allow to find a lot of such forms and names. After there are some pain relief medicaments containing paracetamol as one of their components such as Gelonida Pfizer, Klipal, Paracetamol Comp. Stada.

At first let’s talk about the names. Amadol, Dofalgan, Panadol, Calpol, Mexalen, Dolomol, Efferalgan, Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Paracet, Darval, Acamol, Volpan, Opradol and others are just an ordinary Paracetamol. As for forms of selling they may be sold in capsules, syrups, suppositories, drops, elixirs, simple pills, chewing pills and “fizzy” pills, grouts for intake and for injections.

Paracetamol is a very good and effective medication. There is quite a large group of medications which is called as “nonsteroid antiphlogistic preparations”. The word “nonsteroid” means no hormone. So the representatives of this group have three types of action: anti-fever, anesthetic and antiphlogistic. You know the most part of the medicaments which are included into this group. Even if you have never used them you heard about Aspirin, Indometacin, Voltaren, Phenylbutazone, Ibuprofen, Piroxicamum. Traditionally Paracetamol was included into this group of medicaments, however the studies of the last years allowed to find such an interesting fact: an antiphlogistic effect of Paracetamol is so small that it may be neglected. Taking into consideration the last fact, Paracetamol is taken up as a drug which possesses two characteristics, however these characteristics are quire significant, namely- capability to freeze down and relieve any pain. That is why it is usually written in instructions to Paracetamol – paracetamol: analgesic + antipyretic.

By the way, such famous medicament as Phenacetin which metabolizes (changes) after getting into a human organism and turns into Pracetamol also belongs to this group. Phenacetin is put on sale in ordinary drugstores and pharmacies online in pure form and is part of such popular medicaments as Citramon, Sedalgin, Ascophen, Koficil. To tell the truth, Phenacetin is more toxic if compare to Paracetamol. It is not used in pure form already and a number of medicaments containing Phenacetin are not allowed for use.

Paracetamol is a medicament for a symptomatic therapy and it may be used as a preparation for temporary relief of symptoms till the doctor defines the cause of these symptoms and expediency of a fight with them just this very way. Paracetamol is a medicament which is unique of its safety. Even an exceeding of the dose to 2-3 times as a rule does not lead to some serious consequences, though one should not do it meaningly.

It is very important to know that Paracetamol is a component of many widely spread combined medicaments such as Coldrex, Solpadeine, Panadeine, Panadol Extra, Mexavit, TeraFlu, Fervex, and many others.

The most often indications for Paracetamol use is fever when infectious diseases. The mostly spread infectious diseases are respiratory viral infections.

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