The Harp like you`ve never seen before! Katerina Oliinyk crossing musical boundaries in the Middle East.




KG Production and Events fulfills its vision and mission of constantly diversifying and bringing innovation and creativity to the arts industry in the Middle East. With our audience’s incredible support and feedback when introducing the unique concepts of our the Arabic Fusion Band and National Opera Singers, KG now brings to you, the first and only exclusive rooming Harpist in the Middle East, the beautiful and talented Ukrainian female star, Kateryna “Kate” Oliinyk!

After 20 years of what seemed to be a saturated instrument, the Harp was thought to have reached its potential being repeatedly used in classical and traditional methods at different events and occasions. The majority of our clients and their audience over the years have tired of the traditional Harp, pointing out that even though it is a beautiful instrument, the genres are limited, repetitive, takes up a lot of room, but most of all, it could never be used as a main performance on stage, only utilized as background music and a decoration. Taking our clients feedback into consideration, we have scouted Europe for a different approach to the Harp, and brought back with us an impeccable talent!

Today we bring not only diversity in genres, but an exquisite live performance where Kate’s solo sets are filled with energy, enthusiasm and grace as she moves whilst carrying the Harp across the stage in a process called “rooming”!A true artist in her craft, the pushing of musical boundaries to create new and exciting sounds and acts is a challenge she not only welcomes, but also executes with pleasure.

“Why the Harp?” when asked, “To bring happiness to humanity” she replied, a bold and honorable quest.

Music is truly a universal language and Kateryna is no doubt at the forefront, bringing to life the cultural diversity in Dubai through her extensive background and experience in Middle Eastern, Western and Asian Music, with genres ranging from Classical, Pop, Rock and more! Her experience stems from her time with the orchestra “Symfomania” , where she has toured Asia, Europe and the Middle East, performing both group and solo acts to crowds as large as 10,000 people!Kate is currently working with top Arabic musicians to go beyond playing Arabic songs and onto playing Arabic scales, which will also be a unique and original concept to the UAE.

The team at KG Production and Events is extremely ecstatic to have such a talent to add to the many other exclusive gifted artists to their lineup and look forward to the unique and incredible performances Kate will bring to the Middle East.

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