A Healthy Business: A one on one discussion with Right Bite Founder Nathalie Haddad

  1. What inspired to pursue both an education and a successful career in the area of Health and Nutrition?

I was always interested in health. Food and dietetics is an avenue that was of great interest to me as it is part of our daily lives and plays an essential role in an individuals overall health and wellbeing. After studying nutrition and dietetics in Lebanon and Canada, I moved to Dubai in 2004 and started counseling individuals on a one on one basis and doing several community awareness and educational activities. Right Bite was a natural evolution. Due to the demand from clients wanting to eat healthily yet struggling with choices and variety, I started Right Bite as a personalized healthy meal delivery service offering individuals gourmet, nutritious meals based on their dietary requirements and goals that complimented the education and information provided in the nutrition counseling sessions.

  1. As an entrepreneur, what challenges did you face venturing into this industry?

When I started the business in 2004, passion and hard work drove the business to grow steadily and at the time there weren’t major challenges that I faced. Twelve years later, as the business grew the challenges I face are in the areas of scaling up the business. The biggest challenge here was being clear on the strategy and area of focus. Once this is clearly defined everything else falls into place.

  1. What is Right Bite’s competitive advantage over other businesses in the Health and Nutrition Industry?

Right Bite is a pioneer in the industry – it has been more than a decade since I established the company and to date, Right Bite continues to carry the mantle of business leadership, with the brand now recognized as a household name; despite the competition getting tougher by the day. I lead my team to thrive in competition, always maintaining that key to staying on top by focusing on our service, the quality of food and enhancing our client experience. I make sure that the company is consistently evolving with the market and consumer trends, and that we are focused on research and development, which would ensure that Right Bite is always providing something new to the clients and that we stay relevant with improvements and innovation.

Right Bite continues to grow and has expanded its service offerings – from individualized meal plans, we now offer on-demand delivery service, catering, and other corporate solutions. Our commitment to educating individuals on the impact of food on one’s health remains the core of everything we do. The food we provide enables our clients to stay healthy conveniently as well as being an education tool when it comes to portion control and variety.

  1. What are your keys to success?

3 main areas to continuously assess and succeed in:

  • My People – Empowering my people and getting them involved in the decision making process from the beginning and having them “own” an aspect of the business is critical. Providing a healthy environment for them and a career growth path to ensure their security.
  • My Clients – Maintaining Customer Satisfaction is key to our business success and growth. Satisfaction is attained by helping customers achieve their goals; provide professional and excellent experience while on the meal plans.
  • My Business – Achieving healthy, sustainable, year on year growth and staying true to our core values, beliefs and vision of being the “go to experts for all things health and nutrition related”.
  1. In your opinion, why do people face a difficulty in committing to healthy lifestyle?

The main difficulty to committing to a meal plan or a healthy lifestyle is the social aspect of eating out with colleagues and friends. However, at Right Bite we have overcome these disadvantages with our Right Bite Express service which provides healthy meals on demand, delivered to you within an hour. In addition to that, Right Bite offers the option of freezing your meal plan package when you’re traveling or wanting to take a break from the commitment. So we allow no excuse not to be healthy

  1. Over the past few years, a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise has become a “trend” on social media; how can we ensure to eventually embed it into the culture and habits of the society?

Healthy lifestyle has been trending on social media and can be a way that helps individuals become more healthy as a lot of people relate to what they see on online. Imbedding this into the culture and habits of society is easily seen today with the effect social media has on many aspects of individuals lives such as trending restaurants, gyms, travel, and health is another aspect of this.

  1. How do you balance between your business and your personal life?

Dedication and planning….I organize my day to ensure I am there for the important things for my family and for work. Having a great support system both at work and in my personal life makes a huge difference; I am blessed with people i am surrounded with.

  1. What message would you like to share with the Executive-Women community?

Believe in yourself and your idea. Be passionate about what you want to do. Read, educate yourself, and get as much help as you can absorb. It’s non-stop at times, so you must have a lot of patience and endurance. But also no matter how hectic the schedule, you should always aim for a great time with your family and a great time for yourself. That’s what will keep you motivated.


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A Healthy Business: A one on one discussion with Right Bite Founder Nathalie Haddad