Reduce your Multitasking and Increase your Productivity

Are you answering emails, whilst replying to tweets? Taking calls and answering WhatsApp messages?


Whilst some of you claim to be amazing at multitasking (I even used to claim it when I was a lawyer), but the truth is (and studies have shown) that multitasking won’t make you productive. When you are multitasking, you are not devoting your attention to one task but splitting your attention quickly from one task to another. The overall effect will be that your brain is switching back and forth, getting confused and unproductive.

If you keep multitasking, you reduce your ability to focus on other tasks, as your brain is used to working for short attention spans for multiple things at once.

To help you focus your mind on each task try out these tips to become productive without multitasking:


  1. Be honest– admit that multitasking is bad for you and is not helping you complete tasks quickly, accurately and is leaving you stressed. Be honest, but don’t judge yourself harshly.
  1. Use FAT– Use the acronym FAT – File, Act and Toss to deal with your emails and paper. As soon as you receive an email, if it will only take less than a minute to deal with it, use FAT to remove it out of your inbox. The same method applies to paperwork that comes to your in-tray.
  1. Create a to do list– When you know what are your priorities are for the day, you be focused on what you must do during the day. Allocate time for each task as well to enable you to organize your day.
  1. Don’t go online in your first hour– Switch off your notifications on your phone, turn off the internet, hide Facebook and go through your to-do list for the first hour as much as you can. You will find that you can complete a few tasks and even the big one as you are not distracted.
  1. Check your email on schedule– I check my emails for 5-10 minutes each hour when not organizing and decluttering. Set yourself a realistic schedule such as either twice a day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon) or a few minutes each hour.
  1. Know when you work best– I know that when working on my computer, I work best early in the morning and in the evening. During the day, I focus on helping clients and attending meetings. Many people are productive in the morning. When do you know you work best? Once you know, schedule to do your important tasks during that time.
  1. Set a distraction-free environment– Remove the phone, papers and anything else that might distract you from the task at hand.  Also, clear your desk and remove old papers, stationery, and any other clutter that can reduce your productivity.

If you are struggling being productive due to multitasking, try these tips and start doing them each day until they become a habit. Remember it took a while to get the multitasking habit, so it will take a while to break it.


By Shelina Jokhiya


Shelina Jokhiya has lived in Dubai for over 11 years and is the founder of DeCluttr Me. She set up the home and office organising company in response to a need for a professional service in the region and has grown the business to become the UAE’s only licenced, professional organising service.

Shelina has a passion for organising and decluttering, as well as sourcing innovative new storage methods and tips and tricks. A build-up of clutter and possessions can become significant sources of stress, Shelina recognised this and set up DeCluttr Me to enable her clients to live more relaxed, productive lives.

Shelina regularly speaks at local events and is frequently featured in the national and local press. She has also become one of the first international accredited member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers UK).



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