Brains over Beauty- “ The Age Of Digital Transformation’

Lina Habib

Founder & CEO at Media Blends /

An Ambitious Architect, that took her career into becoming a Content & Digital Marketing, CRM, and Social Media authority. A mum of two beautiful boys and a loving home, focused on two goals in her life, empowering Arab women with knowledge to becoming the heroes of their own stories, and to use the digital to affect change in the region through the demystification between people and brands.  Lina is also a Member of the Dubai Business Women Council / Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

She founded, which is a dedicated portal that gives a voice to over 700,000 women, who generate the content, share stories, exchange experiences and learn from experts to drive the conversation and address the various crucial topics that impact the lives of Arab Women today.


You were one of the early founders & accelerators of the digital marketing landscape how do you find the landscape marketing nowadays, and what could help it to develop more?

We live and work in the Age of Digital Transformation. Remembering Years back we used to seek and strive digital endorsement from clients and brands, but today digital became such an integral part of your daily lives, it’s such a game changer in business where digital incompetence is a major threat.

A Phenomenon that stems from a continuously changing customer behavior, and the way consumers use technology along with the access to all kinds of information at their fingertips. From a communication perspective the way technology is evolving and changing continuously is beyond social media and Mobile apps. Virtual reality, artificial reality, 3D printing and robotics and wearable technology… disrupting industries and affecting the way we live.

And lately one of the Key aspects that have been discussed a lot is artificial intelligence. Having access to all these information will lead us to do business differently, and in order to succeed in this we need to adapt to digital transformation, and not only to react to it.

What could help developing it is to understand that it’s a journey not a destination.

Organizations need to adapt a Customer centric approach founded on data, where lies the biggest opportunity to offer seamless and frictionless experience for their customers.

The Adoption of the digital drivers in that area is differently based on customers’ needs and wants, helping develop the marketing landscape is forging digital leadership, and instill a cultural change where leaders have to take people with them on the journey. We always have to seek digital fluency, learn, experiment, and innovate.

The conceptualization of how technology can transform a business is incredibly important and that should reflect in the way we anticipate issues rather than react to them throw the adoption of agile, data driven culture, customer centric methodologies and ongoing innovation and creativity.


Founder of, can you tell us about it more, and what was the purpose behind it?

In 2013, at the MIPCube, Roma Hanna spoke about how beautiful technology is when served at the right time and to the right people, she inspired me to a point where I decided to create my own networking website for women to evolve themselves, be confident, and always be motivated.

I worked with a lot of brands previously devising strategies, and how to engage women into certain activities, and to reflect the essence of who Arab women really are. is a devoted engagement and user generated activation platform. For over two years now users have generated some compelling content and exchanged experiences. our vision is anchored through recognition and reward to empower women to become the heroes of their own stories and overcome cultural barriers through building trust and credibility in the platform.

With a dual value proposition catering both to its “users” that it attracts and retains as well as the “customers” representing key global brands which seek to reach end consumers. Users are offered a haven for the Arab Woman built on fundamental principles of empowerment, relevance, trust, openness, engagement, and reward.


You are a very hard worker, how do you split your time between work and family?

To tell you the truth, time management has been very challenging for me am not going to deny and pretend that everything is always perfect and smooth. Two years back I attended coaching sessions and started adopting a coaching Principle “Rocks in a bucket”

It is used in time management to show how planning is key and drives efficiency. So the bucket is my time and my biggest rocks to fill it are my family, work, and then education, I was able to find a certain balance in my life, where I knew each month which rocks go into the bucket first.

I have an amazing husband, and beautiful children that always supported me even though sometimes they complain about my absences but still stood by my side. My boys are so interested in my work and keep asking me for updates, and I also have an outstanding team that I count on.


How do you determine and evaluate your success?

Success is a very big word, and in my opinion it’s directly linked to wellness motivation and happiness, like digital transformation –It is a journey, not a destination.

Adam Toren says:” The ability to create success is the product of a unique combination of skills, mindset, and ability that you can tap into again and again to achieve your biggest dreams”.

To me, mindset is driven by purposed action, happiness and motivation. Skills are achieved by being a relentless learner and abilities should encompass all the above at different degrees during life.


What is your greatest weakness?

Here comes the onion question!

I make it a point to auto-critic myself and reflect on several areas in my life regularly.

My greatest weakness at the moment is impatience, while I strongly believe that:

“Patience is a virtue and the best thing in life is worth waiting for”, Julie Spira

I’m very impatient when things are not done fast enough, the opportunity lies in the ability to decipher strategies to do things faster! One of the reasons I am a huge fan of the Agile manifesto.


What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in the workplace?

We live in an era of striking accelerated change, which we all need to adapt to, an era of disruption where we all need to disrupt ourselves to succeed and shine.

Women have an innate T-shaped personality which should be developed by being relentless, determined learners to affect and drive change.



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