MISK Nursery launches in Dubai

Luxury interiors brand MISK Nursery – offering modern design with a heritage heart – debuts a unique and artisanal collection of deluxe and bespoke mother of pearlembellished cribs for Fall 2016.
Each crib is handcrafted in Lebanon by an exemplary team of third-generation Armenian woodworkers who combine heritage skills with modern tools. Using chemical-free natural hardwood, imported mother of pearl and cutting-edge machinery, each piece is laser-cut by hand to ensure the finest finish for curious baby hands and feet. The cribs are then adorned with calming designs in words, a feature signature to the brand, and a great way to customize. This exquisite calligraphy is written and designed by a London-based artist specializing in Arabic Calligraphy.

“Mother of pearl has a ubiquity in traditional art and design in the Middle East and beyond, and its craftsmanship has been part of Lebanese culture for centuries, with many homes featuring at least one piece of mother of pearl furniture,” says MISK Nursery founder and designer Dr. Dala Kakos, an Arab-American mother-of-two, who grew up between the U.S. and the U.A.E. “When I was a child, my parents bought my siblings and I, a Syrian mirror and chest of drawers, festooned with mother of pearl. They told us that when we were grown and had homes of their own, we would be able to keep the furniture. My now-antique mother of pearl mirror and chest take pride of place in my home, but alongside other treasures such as The Little Black Jacket book by Chanel and a miniature crystal chandelier from London’s Portobello Market.”

This romantic mix of modern luxury and deep-rooted heritage defines the ethos of ‘MISK’ – meaning ‘musk’ in Arabic, considered to be an ancient gift of kings, and also ‘to hold.’ Dr. Dala’s crib concept was born from her own struggles when cot-hunting for her first child “Everything was plain white or brown and I was compromising on aesthetics due to the plainness. I wanted my child to have something more unique and beautiful, something colorful and artistic with a mix of modern and heritage design.” And so she and her team set to create traditional yet contemporary cribs to be used from first to last child, and to become family heirlooms. Breaking away from traditional box shapes, MISK cribs come with softer silhouettes, from the Embrace (with curved edges) to the Surround (an oval-shaped crib) as well as a mini-crib (akin to the bassinet’s half-moon.) Two different kinds of beech wood are offered: natural or French grey.

For 2016, the Embrace comes in four styles:
Embrace Dreams – with Arabic or English exclusive font in mother of pearl, featuring “Sweet Dreams” or “Nawm el Hana.”
Embrace Adventure – with mother of pearl balloons flying in the air – available in wood or recyclable pure acrylic/plexi – our “bling” item.

Embrace Luck – with mother of pearl flying fish, inspired by Mykonos and the shining fish in its waters. Fish, in Arabic tradition, symbolize good fortune for your baby.
Embrace Love – with the option of having your baby’s name carved into the crib in mother of pearl in Arabic, English, or any language using the Roman alphabet.

The Surround comes in two styles:
Surround Warmth – the crib features mother of pearl moon and stars reminiscent of the peaceful night’s sky, inspired by Lake Como on a summer’s night. The hemispherical shape of the crib allows for luxury of movement with design finesse.

Custom-Made Surround Warmth Mini-Crib – for the first stage of your baby’s welcome to their new home, from birth to suitable for babies up to about six months (like a bassinet) and allows for the gentle rocking of your child to sleep. The moon and stars continue on the half-moon shape, nestling the baby in the midst of the night sky.

MISK’s signature pistachio green shade (along with light grey) is inspired by the patisserie Ladurée and Dala’s background as a certified bean-to-bar artisan chocolate maker, visiting chocolatiers around the world! Alternative shades include natural (unpainted), light pink, light blue, navy blue and the more vibrant turquoise, a nod to Dala’s seaside living in Dubai. MISK’s workshop features customized moulds for the cribs, allowing the artisans to follow the crib shape when carving the client’s chosen wood. The crib is then decorated with the laser-cut mother of pearl. The wood is varnished, or painted then varnished, all using chemical-free paints. The end result is a structurally strong yet beautiful crib with modern lines and details. MISK Nursery also offers a limited edition, seasonal bedding collection. Working with talented artists to create exclusive, expressive designs, the sets come as a pillowcase and mattress cover. The signature collection is also available in pastel grey and green or grey and pink check. 2017 will see the rollout of new MISK Nursery accessories including changing tables, nightstands and nursing chairs.


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