Maison Morganne Bello – Fine jewellery collection

A unique creative approach

Founded in 2004, the Maison Morganne Bello has become a reference in contemporary jewellery associating freshness and a sense of liberty.

The Maison is renowned for its vast range of colors and the absolute purity of its stones. Breaking with tradition, it liberates the stone, magnifies its fragility and softens the jewellery.

It has created a new way of wearing jewellery, inspiring women to create very personal combinations that can be mixed and matched endlessly. Women can create their own palette of stones according to their choice of colors and their mood of the moment.
The spirit of the Maison Morganne Bello captured in the subtle effects of the stones

Finding fine stones around the world is the essential starting point. This captivating quest stimulates the imagination and inspires the creation of collections.

The Maison affirms its unique identity by associating surprising harmonies of fine stones on a delicate gold setting, sometimes bestowed with a touch of diamonds.

The sensual nature of Friandise, the harmony of Candy Delice and the delicate simplicity of Honore collection reveal a radiant and feminine universe.

Women who wear Morganne Bello jewellery are chic, active, daring, joyful, optimistic…. and free to make their own choices….
This new identity pays homage to them.

Today the brand is present in France, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Poland, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.
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HONORÉ Collection

HONORÉ interprets the jewellery tradition in a contemporary spirit.
The Maison offers a choice of fine semi-precious stones and diamands in subtle colors like Powdery Rose, Lapis Lazuli, Red Agatha, Hematite and Green Amazonite; each individual stone is delicately blended with yellow or white gold enhancing the reflection of the gem

This jewelry can be worn individually, stacked or combined, according to “ethos” and occasions.

  • 2061Y195 Honore Ring Green Amazonite Stone 18K yellow gold, AED 1,435
  • 2061W110 Honore Ring Lapis Lazuli Stone18K white gold, AED 1,435
  • 2061Y105 Honore Ring Red Agatha Stone 18K yellow gold, AED1,435




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