The fan, the motif inspiring this collection of jewels, has always been an elegant accessory, a vain wing beat concealing a hidden language.

The fan is much more than a decorative item, it’s an appendix to the body, almost an ivory, silver and rice paper extension which replaces words, smiles and allusive glances. Opening it with a brisk movement is an art. Opening it slowly and hinting at a smile is an exercise of style. Synchronizing the opening of the splints and fabric with the movement of the arm is female histrionics.

In the century of the enlightenment and revolutions, the fan had not only a literary function but also a social one, like the man’s stick, it indicated the status of the ladies.

This is the inspiration behind this range, created in black and white diamonds combined with fabulous precious sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The collection emphasizes and revives the sensuality intrinsic in the use of the fan, transforming its profile and delicate structure into jewelry of exceptional visual impact, created with great skill and unmistakable taste.

The aesthetic harmony which distinguishes this new range, consisting of a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches, creates a unique balance of elegance, luxury and perfect wearability.

In the ruby version, the rings are all cover hand with large shapes and volumes completely covering the fingers softly and sinuously. The lobe earrings are available in the versions with white diamonds, and black diamonds and rubies. The drop earrings are available in white diamonds and sapphires, white and black diamonds and rubies and, lastly, white and black diamonds and emeralds.

There are three sizes of brooch in white diamonds, white diamonds and rubies and the latest version in white and black diamonds and rubies.

The rigid bracelet in white and black diamonds and rubies and the necklace in a parure are the two most important pieces completing the collection. The effect of the diamonds following each other, creating a soft mesh ending in a cascade of precious stones that takes up the decorative fan element, is of great impact.

The common denominator of the collection is the drop cut, used as the final touch to further emphasize the shape of the fan. To know more about this exquisite collection, check out www.damiani.com


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